1902 During the end of 19th century, the process of migration to Halar was speeded up. Up to the year 1902 to 1910 they reached Mombasa (Africa) via sea route and settled there.

1907 Slowly, some people started residing in Nairobi and Mumbai also

1928Subsequently, Mahajanvadies (Public building of Mahajan Community) were started in turn in                Nairobi, Mombasa, Khambhalia (Halar), Jamnagar (Halar) and Mumbai.

1938On 3-1-1938, In Jamnagar city, Mahajan Boarding was started, in a rented premise, on Jail Road.

1941 On 27.2.1941, the foundation ceremony of the boarding was performed with the merciful hands of Seth Shri Meghji Pethraj Shah.

1942 On 27.4.1942, the said boarding was inaugurated with the auspicious hands of Maharaja Shri Digvijaysinhji of Jamnagar  (Today there is a girl hostel at this place).

1962On 3.4.1962 a foundation ceremony of Sat-Rasta boundaries (Jamnagar) was carried out with the prosperous hands of Shri Bharmal Rayshi Haria.

1968 An ad hoc committee was appointed on 31.03.1968 to form neutral Oshwal Institution, in India.

1972 On 10.06.1972 the first conference of ‘Sangh’ at Jamnagar was held under the chairmanship of the ad hoc committee Shri Raychand Lakhmshi Shah. In this convention, the Principal Institution of Oshwals in India, i.e. Oshwal Education and Relief Sangh Was established on 11.6.72

1972 The first meeting of the Executive Committee of Oshwal Shikshan and Rahat Sangh was held at Jamnagar.

1973 The Inauguration ceremony of the first floor of Girls’ Hostel was done on 24.06.1973, with the auspicious hands of Shri Dharamshi Bharmal Shah.

1973 During the famine position in Halar, during the year, food, grass and cash assistance were distributed in 52 villages of Halar, with the co-operation of donors.

1980 83,853 sq. ft. land was purchased for a school in Bhivandi (Thana).

1983 The foundation ceremony of Shri Halari Visha Oshwal Vidyalaya, Jamnagar was accomplished with the auspicious hands the Board President Shri Kantilal Narshi, on 6.5.1984.

1984 The Handover Ceremony of Mrudu Mangal Bunglow to the Sangh by Chandaria Family was performed on 7.5.1984.

1987 A Gujarati Medium Middle School from standard 8th at Shri Halari Visa Oshwal Vidyalaya was started on 15.6.1987.

1992 Under the banner of ‘Sangh’ eye camps, medical camps, distribution of medicines, and jaipur foot, polio camps, and such other activities, helpful to the society were undertaken.

1993 The Inauguration Ceremoney of the ground floor and first floor of Halari visa Oshwal vidyalaya were carried out the auspicious hands of the first president Shri Ramji Anand Maru and ex-president Shri Ramesh Hasmukhchandra Dodhia, respectively

1994 The Inauguration of Oshwal Centre Community Hall No.1 was carried out with the sympathetic hands of the ex-President, Shri Tarachand P. Shah on 22.12.1984 whereas the foundation stone of the guest house in the Oshwal centre premises was laid with the prosperous hands of Shri Zaverchand Meghji Gosrani (Nairobi). The foundation Ceremoney of the community Hall no.1, at Oshwal Centre was performed with the auspicious hands of Shri Arvind Juthalal Karman Dodhia (Alan Shah - Nairobi).
1996 The Inauguration of the ground floor of Bhivandi Vidyalaya was performed with the auspicious hands of the ex-president Shri Somchand Dharamshi Shah on 12.2.1996 whereas, the donation of rectangular disc for the land of this school was received from Shri Khetshi Jivraj Gada Family (Vadalia- Sihan).

1997 The Inauguration of the second floor of Halari Visa Oshwal Vidyalaya, Bhivandi was performed with the auspicious hands of G.S. Sushilaben Kantilal Galaiya on 5.1.1997

2002-03 In the year 2002-03, the construction of schools damaged during the earthquake, in three villages was carried out.

2003-04 In the year 2003-04, a children park was made in Visha Oshwal Girls' Hostel.

2004-05 In the year 2004-05, a Bal udyan was constructed just opposite the Oshwal Guest House, in Oshwal Centre.

Recently, this Oshwal centre is decorated with the renovation work and a huge party plot is also constructed there.
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